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Sustainable Personalised Healthcare: New Zealand Initiatives Showcased At Global E-Health Forum

Print Issue - Nov'11
New Zealand, famed for its pristine landscapes, healthy lifestyle and innovations, is also making significant strides in eHealth, as witnessed at the Global E-Health...

Comprehensive Adoption of Early Diagnosis Will Improve Utilization of Hospital Equipment

Companies GE Healthcare Print Issue - Nov'11
Efficiency of hospital equipments will get improved if adoption of early diagnostic system gets approval. Not only it will benefit in minimising the expense...

The Expanding Role of Clinical Diagnostics Through IT

Print Issue - Nov'11
A new generation of diagnostics IT tools is getting results in the hands of clinicians faster, improving the quality of the results, and enhancing...

E-Health as Key Enabler for Designing Personalized Healthcare

Print Issue - Nov'11
“We believe that burden of chronic diseases and expensive treatments are increasing demand for improved healthcare systems and e-health can make a significant contribution...

Designing Personalised Healthcare

Companies IBM Print Issue - Nov'11
New mechanisms in terms of digital data and online information about patients, will give a new mpetus to personalised healthcare system. This will evolve...

A World of Difference in Healthcare Data Exchange

Companies IBM Print Issue - Nov'11
All nations — even those with well-established healthcare initiatives now face a pressing need for modernized infrastructure to meet growing patient’s expectations and escalating...
Feel-good Hospitals for patients and caregivers

Feel-good Hospitals for patients and caregivers

Companies Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA Print Issue - Nov'11
Patients need much more than just medication and skilled treatment in order to get well. Attentive care demonstrably accelerates people’s recovery. Hospital architecture and...

Balancing Privacy Protection with Patient Care

Print Issue - Nov'11
Healthcare providing organizations have a dual duty to their patients: to provide the highest quality and safest care possible and to safeguard their patients’...

Health 2.0 – A Game changer in the HealthCare Industry

Companies Capgemini Consulting Print Issue - Aug'11
The power of the World Wide Web has been leveraged to reach out to millions across the globe. Health 2.0 is the latest...

Interview with Dr Gustav von Schulthess on Paradigm shift in medical visualization enabled by...

Print Issue - Aug'11
Que. 1. In a nutshell, what is PET/CT used for? What are its applications and how is this different from PET/CT+MR? Ans. PET/CT is currently...