Case Studies

This section includes a collection of case studies which are focused on particular issues in the healthcare and hospital management industry.

Medtronic plc announced U.S. FDA approval of the Evolut Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) system

A New Concept in Annuloplasty for Valve Repair: the Biodegradable Ring

The Kalangos® ring was developed for pediatric annuloplasty to preserve  the growth potential of the child's heart. It is also suitable for adult annuloplasty...

A New Approach to Managing GORD

Until now, assessing the progress of treatment for Gastro-Oesaphageal Reflux  Disease (GORD) has relied primarily on an assessment of oesophageal healing. Documenting GORD therapy...
Q BioMed Launches Non-Opioid Treatment for Metastatic Bone Pain

Bone Substitutes to Replace Transplantation?

An osteoconductive and osteoinductive biphasic ceramic replacement for  bone loss could be an alternative to grafts. The safety and efficacy of this  material has...

Catheter Ablation Increases A-Fib Recoveries

Research continues into new ways of preventing and curing A-Fib, boosted  by ever-increasing new technologies. Catheter ablation has become a  mainstream treatment for the...

Eliminating Latent TB

Latent TB in healthcare workers is a major threat to patients. Traditional  tests have too often been  unable to detect the condition reliably. A...
DataRobot and InterSystems Partner to Accelerate Adoption of AI in Healthcare

Cowen analysts – Rotation in health-care stocks

Bracing for a rocky 2008, investors in health-care stocks are increasingly moving their cash out of "one-hit" wonder drug developers and into companies with...


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