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A Call for Open-Access Molecular Diagnostics

Companies LexaGene
This year’s influenza season is on track to be the worst since the 2009 swine flu pandemic, so far claiming 114 pediatric lives. As tragic as this has been, it needs to be put...
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The Benefits of Patient-Centered Healthcare

Companies BeyondSpring
While the phrase “patient-centered care” has been used for decades, it really rose to prominence when the Institute of Medicine’s “Crossing the Quality Chasm” featured patient-centered care as one of its six high-quality healthcare...
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Experimentation, Good Focus, Collaboration and Learning from Failures is Necessary for Innovation in APAC

Q1. What are the important new innovations that we should keep an eye out for? A1: Allow me to focus on a few selected themes rather than specific innovations, with each theme home to many...
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How Singapore Provides High-Quality Healthcare at Low Costs

A few months ago, the U.S. health system faced an overhaul debate in the U.S. Congress. This was necessitated by numerous complaints that the cost of maintaining high-quality healthcare has become too high. As this...
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Access to healthcare is a right, not a privilege: the Nigerian State has to...

Universities Campinas University
Nigeria, like many developing countries is besieged by numerous political and socioeconomic problems. Some of these include gross insecurity, inadequate social amenities, poor infrastructure, woeful housing, environmental pollution, malnutrition, prevalence of infectious and non-communicable...
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CPhI India 2017 – Essentra interview

1. You have recently showcased the Golden Ratio pack can you brief us about it? Showcased at Luxe Pack 2017 and inspired by Autumn/Winter 2018 trends, the Golden Ratio Pack interprets the themes of classicism,...

The growing trend of open innovation approaches is stimulating health innovation

Companies Bayer
Standfirst:Collaborations between academia, industry and government are increasingly creating the kinds of fertile environments where health innovation can sprout and flourish. Singapore’s thriving entrepreneurial, start-up environment is a case in point. Singapore’s government has recognised...

Healthcare delivery challenges.Fayol and Mintzberg – A synthesis of viewpoint

Abstract: Healthcare managers must introspect today to create high functioning teams to deliver value based care. The providers must adopt management techniques and teachings to deliver inter professional care. This review is grounded in management...

Bleeding and Thrombotic Risks : How Best to Balance Out ?

Hospitals Awali Hospital
Anticoagulant and anti -platelet agents are very commonly used in clinical practice. Over the past 20 years the market has been flooded with quite a few of them. There is a wide range of...

Why cardiac imaging can reduce the risk of cardiovascular fatalities in athletes

Hospitals Vratislavia Medica
Abstract Athletic training can cause tremendous overload of the cardiovascular system and thus become a trigger for serious and even fatal cardiac events in athletes with a previously undetected underlying cardiovascular disease. Hence, every athlete...


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