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mHealth – All about it What Tangible Opportunities Exist Today?

Companies ACCENTURE Print Issue - Aug'11
The mobile phone has transformed itself from a portable communication device to the world in one’s hands. It is increasingly relied upon by Healthcare...

The Future of Healthcare – Where are we heading to ?

Print Issue - Aug'11
Despite evolutions in technologies, diseases always seem to be a step ahead. This brings to the fore the role of healthcare systems and their...

Can your wireless network handle EMR needs?

Companies TechKnowledge Consulting Corporation Online Topics
In an age of Information-Based Healthcare, a strong, secure wireless network is an essential part of delivering quality healthcare, improving patient safety and enhancing...

Fortis Hospitals CEO: Asia cannot spend 17% of GDP on healthcare

Hospitals Fortis Hospital Online Topics
Bryan Camoens: Vishal, can you please tell us, given your vast experience in the field, what are the do’s and don’ts of building health...

Raising The Bar: Management Engineering

Print Issue - Nov'10
Practices that are standard in other engineering fields, such as measurements, testing, feedback and risk management – when applied appropriately to a business,...

Effective Vaccine Storage

Companies Thermo Fisher Scientific Print Issue - Nov'10
Globally, inadequate refrigeration and poor storage conditions are the most common vaccine storage problems. Variations in temperature and failure to follow storage and monitoring...

Healthcare Connectivity Crisis Prevents Patient-Centered Healthcare

Companies Alcatel-Lucent Print Issue - Nov'10
One important aspect of Patient-centered care is the careful consideration of a patients’ ethnicity, values, their family situations and their way of life, before...

Corporate governance in family-run hospitals

Companies Frost & Sullivan Print Issue - Nov'10
The era of globalization has begun to reflect in the management of family owned hospitals. The entrance of corporate governance in the functioning of...

Designing Green Hospitals of the future

Companies GE Healthcare Print Issue - Nov'10
Green hospital concepts will play an important part in the curative process in time to come. Instead of being referred to as a place...

Supply Chain Visibility in Healthcare: Beyond the Dashboard

Companies TECSYS Print Issue - Nov'10
The 21st century has witnessed an active change in the working of the supply chain. As such, visibility is crucial in the healthcare industry...