Print Issue Sep’19

Cybersecurity for Healthcare

IBM Print Issue Sep’19
Layered defense is key to a successful Cybersecurity Strategy in Healthcare which starts w...

How AI and self care can make up for practitioner scarcity

ACCENTURE Print Issue Sep’19
Demand for healthcare services continues to skyrocket. Is limited growth in clinician rank...

Early Experiences with MoLEP for BPH

Lumenis Print Issue Sep’19
The prevalence of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) gives us the opportunity to continual...

Digital Health – from Hope, Hype, and Halt to Hope, Heal and Health

Print Issue Sep’19
Abstract Over the past 40 years, the healthcare community has been repeatedly excited by t...

5 Proven Strategies Hospitals Can Use to Boost Efficiency

Productivity Bytes Print Issue Sep’19
Better efficiency is one of the ongoing goals at most workplaces, but it’s arguably ...

Outsourcing in Healthcare The Pros and Cons

The Allure Group Print Issue Sep’19
When properly managed, outsourcing helps improve patient care and maximize staff efficienc...

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