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QR Codes: Increasing Cleaning Responsiveness and Patient Satisfaction

QR Codes: Increasing Cleaning Responsiveness and Patient Satisfaction

The COVID-19 pandemic has elevated patients’ awareness of environmental factors within hospitals and other healthcare settings, presenting a challenge for leaders to meet patients’...
The RPM Factor: Improved Care with Decreased Cost

The RPM Factor: Improved Care with Decreased Cost

It isn’t breaking news that hospital systems are at an economic inflection point. Increasing labor and supply costs balanced against increased emergency room visits,...


Dawn of the Health-Tech Age!
This issue of Hospital & Healthcare Management will demonstrate how important technology has become in bringing medical care and its components within the reach of everyone who wishes to benefit from them.

As we seep into this complex yet defining era of health-tech, we introduce our latest edition of Hospital & Healthcare Management Magazine with a spotlight on this impeccable move to eminence.

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Bayer Acquires Blackford Analysis Ltd. Bolstering the Company’s Position in Digital Medical Imaging

Bayerannounced the acquisition of the global strategic imaging AI platform and solutions provider Blackford Analysis Ltd. The acquisition is part of Bayer's strategy to...
Getinge expands the ICU offering with the new ventilator Servo-c

Getinge expands the ICU offering with the new ventilator Servo-c

Getinge launches its new Servo-c mechanical ventilator targeting selected markets, offering lung-protective therapeutic tools to treat both pediatric and adult patients. Based on decades...

High Bed Occupancy Leads To More Strain On NHS In The UK

According to recent data, hospitals are still facing substantial strain, with bed occupancy last week reaching the second-highest level this winter in the UK. In...

Telehealth May Cause Spends To Rise With More Services Taken

There is a continuous debate amongst the lawmakers if the telehealth flexibilities continue the way they are even after the pandemic ends. One complex...

Democratizing Healthcare Towards Technology Landscape In SEA

Southeast Asian healthcare innovation is rising at a massive rate, with overall healthcare spending anticipated to rise to USD740b in 2025 from USD425b that...

Accurate X-Ray Imaging Through Quantum Recoil A Possibility

For the first time ever since the theory came into existence almost 80 years back, the scientists of Singapore’s Nanyag Technological University have laid...

Cancer Cells May Get Weakened And Thereby Not Spread At All

It is a known fact that the cancer cells have gone on to develop numerous mechanisms to thrive. One such example is derived from...

Clinical Study Shows Significantly Reduces Cardiac MRI Scan Time, a pioneer and leader in automated MRI solutions, announced results from a clinical adaptation study on the company’s One Click MRI™ software, led...

Patient Care Complications On Rise Due To Ransomware Attacks

As per the new study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, almost half, i.e., 45%, of the healthcare provider respondents, opined that the ransomware attacks...

Bankruptcies Take The Healthcare Industry By Storm In 2022

With a COVID hangover, there is a lot that healthcare companies are currently going through because of the high cost of labour as well...